How Superhue came about

My family relocated back to Australia after living abroad for many years. Omar - my younger brother who is an Autistic adult with limited speech, found it difficult to settle into a completely new environment. He had to leave all his friends behind and adapt to living in a new place. As for the rest of my family, they also had to adapt to a new place, and find productive means to contribute to society. A month later, COVIDΒ hit and the lockdowns began - making the entire transition all the more difficult.

Left with no ability to connect with the community around, I thought of creating a way to help my family transition into the community more efficiently. What initially started off as connecting my family to other families over 1:1 video calls, quickly turned into a project to solve all the problems we've ever had navigating the world as family members of someone with a disability.

What problems are we tackling head on?

Many. We initially created Superhue as a way to solve our own problems, but soon realised that we weren't the only ones with these problems - other families were agreeing to this as well. The list is endless, but we've decided to focus on 4 big problems, for the moment:
Problem 1: Facebook Groups are messy. It's hard to meet other parents having similar children offline in-person, and exchange meaningful resources and advice.

Solution: Superhue Communities

How does it work?
Immediate family members, carers and people with disabilities themselves get to join focused communities based on where they live and the disabilities they associate with. Take Omar's example - since he has Autism and lives in Sydney, his family gets to be part of the [Sydney - Autism] community and a [Global - Autism] community too. Inside them, there are dedicated spaces to share advice, resources and create community events such as local play dates or virtual hangouts.

Problem 2: It really takes an entire village to raise a child with disabilities and we should not be chained to old clunky emails and 20 different tools to communicate back and forth.

Solution: Superhue Personal Spaces

How does it work?
You request a Personal Space inside Superhue for yourself or your child, and choose the dedicated private spaces you would like to have - such as for family, health professionals, support workers, teachers, or everyone. Once setup, everyone in those dedicated spaces is able to cross-communicate and share information with each other. It's like having your own Facebook Group, but with boundaries to ensure that content and information is shared with only those who are relevant.

Problem 3: There's no one place you can go, to find all the relevant goods and services for those in the disability community, regardless of where you live in the world.

Solution: Superhue Marketplace

How does it work?
If you are an individual in the community, you're able to search through the Marketplace by country, types of goods or services, and your local post/zip-code. If you are a relevant business, you're able to either claim or list your business, and create ad listings to showcase your offerings to the relevant communities in which you operate. As Superhue grows, marketplaces in other countries will also be unlocked.

Problem 4: Experienced parents who have successfully raised children with disabilities hold a treasure trove of practical knowledge, but have no easy way to monetise it, or make it accessible to relevant people at scale.

Solution: Superhue Superparents

How does it work?
For the general public, you're able to search through our Superparents listing and book a 1:1 meeting with any of the parents listed, on their own time schedules and their own hourly rates (which they set based on their individual experience); to help you make this decision, you're able to filter parents by country, topic/area expertise and relevant disabilities. For experienced parents, you can apply to become a Superparent via a small video interview application, in which we ask you about you and your past experiences helping families in the community. If you're accepted, you get to set your own hourly rates, work on your own schedule and have the ability to help parents around the world. We give you all the tools you need to run your parenting business, in exchange for a small % fee of your revenues.

Ready to step into the future?

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